Taste and See: Our "Barista Blend" Coffee

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Taste and See: Our "Barista Blend" Coffee

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Taste and See is our “barista blend”, called so because it was created to match the flavor profile of the espresso shots that our baristas like to pull at our cafe and roastery. Designed to be rich and balanced with a subtle acidic finish, this coffee absolutely smashes as a go-to espresso blend. Flavor profile: green apple, bittersweet chocolate and mixed berries.

Whole Bean or Ground
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Naturally processed, meticulously roasted

40% Brazil & Mexico and 20% Ethiopia. All natural process. All roasted in Logan Square, Chicago.

Super complex

Layers of rich flavor, complemented by a clean fruit finish, blended to awaken the tastebuds of the enthusiast to the fanatic .

For espresso and beyond

This robust, balanced profile shines even when brewed on gear outside of your espresso machine or Moka pot.

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