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Tropic: Nayarit Mexico

Tropic: Nayarit Mexico

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Watermelon Hard Candy

Community Chocolon

Natural Process Coffee

from Nayarit Mexico

Great on: Aeropress | Drip | Clever

In the state of Nayarit in Western Mexico, small groups of farmers are secretly producing what we widely consider to be some of the best natural processed coffee on the planet read through the images and scroll down to learn even more!
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Proudly Grown in Western Mexico

Proudly grown by very proud farmers in the foothills of The Sierra Madre in western Mexico, and naturally processed on the rooftops of their homes. This coffee reflects the bring tropical flavors found in the humid jungle climate of Nayarit, Mexico.

Roasted Lightly

We apply a perfect touch of development in our light roast profile to promote and accentuate the awesome fruit found in these natural process coffees from Nayarit.

Wow Factor

You'll find yourself saying oh wow over and over as you sip this coffee, increasing in fruitiness as it cools down. We have found wild flavors of Papaya, Watermelon Hard Candy, Strawberry all on a subtle cocoa body.