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Vintage Frames: Everyday Blend

Vintage Frames: Everyday Blend

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 Milk Chocolate 
 Baking Spices 
Subtle Fruit

50% Washed El Salvador 
50% Brasil Red Catuai

Great on: Drip | Clever Dripper | French Press

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Everyday Sipper

A 50/50 Blend of a smooth washed El Salvador and a complex bright Red Catuai Natural from Brasil to create that perfect balance in your mug.

Blended For Drip

We designed Vintage Frames for our cafe drip pot, to be that coffee customers can depend on daily and with that it is perfect for your home drip pot as well.

Sufficiently Complex

Complex enough for pourover methods like v60, Chemex, and even French Press, surprising your taste buds with subtle complexities, fruited acidities, and wonderful mouthfeel.