Use Great Coffee

At Jimmy's we focus on roasting coffees that suit an entire aray of brewing options. We freshly roast recently harvested beans to perfect roast profiles. So whatever coffee you use, using great well roasted coffee beans is the first step to great home coffee.

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Grind with Burrs

Any grinder with burrs is going to create a superior grind for coffee extraction than a blade grinder that simply chops up the coffee. Using a burr grinder will have you tasting the difference in your coffee almost immediately.

Water Chemistry

Coffee is 98% water! So the flavor and chemistry of your water is going to have an immeasurable effect on your coffee. Use clean filtered water and taste the difference.

Use a Scale

Use a scale and weigh your coffee by the gram to create perfect ratios for exquisite coffee extraction. Our recipes for each method will help to guide you.

Trial and Error

Keep dialing your coffee in by adjusting your grind, brew time, water temperature, and even our recipes until you taste perfection in the cup.